Network Security & Solutions

LITS offers total IT Solutions, system integration, compute networking like LAN, WAN, CCTV surveillance, access control systems, switches.

Network security is an action taken by the organization to keep their sensitive information secured against malicious attacks or Hackers. The goal of network security is to keep the network running and safe for all legitimate users.

What We Do?

Our Solution from various security brands covers below features.

  • Application Visibility - threat propagation and data leakage risks
  • Application Control - gain control over the apps
  • Network Security Analysis - Scanning of the network perimeters and network devices
  • Firewalls - application awareness and controls
  • Threat Security - Stop bad applications

Our Key Areas

Remote Access & Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Network Security & Firewalls

Viruses and worms can cause grave consequences to today’s systems. We protect your company network with anti-virus applications and hardware solutions

Network Design & Implementation

We design your network with consideration for future growth and new locations. We perform troubleshooting of every network issue to complete resolution.