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LITS and TAGA Engineering establish “Blue Dot”

Planet Technology™ Investment is a company initiated by TAGA™ Engineering and Lootah™ IT Solutions, following a protocol which was signed on 20th of May 2007, aiming at establishing a computer assembly plant in Dubai for “ Blue Dot “ brand.

The idea was basically initiated and introduced by TAGA™ Engineering of Dubai- UAE, in lieu of the agreement entered into between Tradewise Sdn., Bhd., a subsidiary of TAGA Engineering and Planet Technology Malaysia. To transfer the technology of Blue Dot Systems Sdn.,Bhd., ( Blue Dot brand owners; subsidiary of Planet Technology Malaysia).

Planet Technology Malaysia is a business partner of Microsoft, Intel and Kingston contributing to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

It is worth mentioning that, TAGA Engineering has entered into a Sale & Purchase Agreement with Planet Technology Malaysia to procure 7,000 Units in a combination of CRT & LCD Systems with Laptops.

The Foundation Committee had also long discussion on setting the objectives of Planet Technology Investment by referring to the ICT industry trends. The main point of the discussion was to learn from the ICT pattern and build on those lessons some new ideas. Taking the idea of technology transfer beyond a simple PCs Assembly Plant. In other words Planet Technology Investment should not only be limited to assemble PCs. That it should become a hub to study past experience through introducing initiatives that use cutting edge ICT.

The Foundation Committee Plan was laid out to cover the following milestones:

1. Visibility Study for an assembly plant based on the current market status and forecasted demand.
2. Create Marketing plans and seek potential pipelines to secure day one sales simultaneously with the kick-off.
3. Create a value for the assembly plant by putting integrated solutions which would achieve more added values and reflect on the sales stream.
4. Create the organization structure and build up the staffing requirements basis the future development of Planet Technology Investment.
5. Develop projects which are compatible to organizations and individuals needs within the ICT targeted market including the establishment of new ventures to incorporate the different activities.
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