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LITS new email server

LITS implemented new email systems for S.S. Lootah Group with more features and more secured services.

Email is an integral part of business and consumer communications; in fact, most businesses would come to a grinding halt without their business email systems. Although email has become the medium of choice for sending and receiving business correspondence, it is not well suited to the task of transmitting information that should remain private or confidential.

Fortunately, there is LITS Email Solution.

Others realize that it can be difficult and expensive for an enterprise business to effectively implement and manage an encrypted, secure email system. LITS overcomes such obstacles by providing email hosting and maintenance, allowing the use of our own email server as a business email provider with the highest level encrypted e-mail service available.

More importantly, LITS Email System protects privacy, as personal and business email sent via internet. LITS Email System is not routed through a public email server like most standard e-mail service. Both the sender and recipient of a secure e-mail message will be authenticated prior to exchanging messages. This valuable email service ensures that the only people who ever see personal or business e-mail and the person communicating with.

LITS Email Solution offers the highest-level encrypted e-mail service currently available over Secure Socket Layers (SSL): a 256-bit encrypted SSL channel. Once message reaches a secure LITS email server, the system encrypt it using AES, a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) approved algorithm, adding yet another layer of email security to our secure e-mail services.

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